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About Pumpui

About Pumpui

Pumpui is one of 3 elephants currently unsponsored at GTAEF (Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation) residing in Chiang Rai, Thailand on the border of Laos and Myanmar, known as the Golden Triangle. She is one of 35 elephants rescued from the streets and has been working with autistic children at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang to help for a human-animal bond to help the children.

Pumpui spent her early life on the streets selling bananas to villagers to feed back to her. Shortly before her mahout Suk bought her in 2005 she had been hit by a car and lost the young baby she was carrying. She was very scared of cars and wary of people. Khun Suk and his family worked patiently with Pumpui and helped calm her over time but still travelling eventually landing in Pattaya for 2 years and living on the streets selling bananas.

There were many dangers for Pumpui, noise, traffic and the danger of falling into sewer drains. She was rescued by GTAEF and is now a healthy, sweet natured elephant who spends her days with best friends, Dah and baby Lynchee.

Distinguishing Features

Pumpui is our prettiest 'pinkest' elephant ladies in camp with pink and grey spots at the edge of her ears and a pink patch at the top of her trunk.

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Every dollar raised goes to the elephants. Your donations are used to feed the elephants a mix of sugarcane, bananas and grass and on special occasions they're given fruit (their favorites are watermelon, apples, pineapple). A portion of your donations are also used to help fund two permanent veterinarians who provide preventative and emergency care for the elephants.

Help is needed to care for them, their mahouts and their families. This includes up to 600lbs of food and 60 gallons of water a day, along with permanent veterinary care which amounts to $1000 a month. Your contribution, however large or small, will be combined with others from people like yourself to sponsor Pumpui and her friends to ensure the well being of each elephant through funding their food, care and veterinary care.

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