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About Lynchee & Dah

About Lynchee & Dah


Now 7 years old, Lynchee was a baby girl about one year old when she was rescued with her mother Poon Larb after being thrown onto the streets because she could no longer give tourist rides. Both mother and daughter were working on the streets in Pattaya, South Thailand where their mahout sold bananas to tourists to feed them. Lynchee was very nervous and unhealthy from a lack of milk when she arrived.

Chief mahout Lung Lord was with her 24 hours a day for the first 6 months. He spent most of his days with her and began to calm her by singing to her. Lynchee has turned into a beautiful young gentle girl who still loves to be sung to.

She had a mahout that unfortunately passed away but is now under the care of a new mahout, who adores his new charge. Lynchee is still watched over by Lung Lord who still sings to her. She seems very happy with her constant companions, Pumpui and Dah and still sees her mother, Poon Larb now 26 every day.

Lynchee is Thai for lychee. She was unnamed but when she arrived it was lychee season and the name stuck!

Distinguishing Feature

Her long eyelashes and she will fall to the ground screeching in happiness if she’s sung to by Lung Lord!

Nong Dah

Our budding teenage lady, Dah at 10 years old. She arrived at 5 years old directly from the streets of Bangkok where she had been walking the streets at night selling bananas and posing for photos.

She had never seen the jungle before, always used to tarmac and at first was nervous of being in the forest at night but soon adapted to jungle life. She was the first elephant to contact GTAEF to ask for help to be rescued. Firm friends with Poon Larb, Lynchee’s mother, she’s been there while Lynchee is growing up and acts as her older sister. Full of personality and curiousity, Nong Dah is never still, she’s very playful and still enjoys getting involved in games with the younger elephants.

Distinguishing Features

Her very frilly ears, bright pink spotted lobes and wants to play with everyone.

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Help is needed to care for them, their mahouts and their families. This includes up to 600lbs of food and 60 gallons of water a day, along with permanent veterinary care which amounts to $1000 a month. Your contribution, however large or small, will be combined with others from people like yourself to sponsor Pumpui and her friends to ensure the well being of each elephant through funding their food, care and veterinary care.

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