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About Jenny

About Jenny

Among any group of elephants, there are those that are a bit more outgoing than others, a bit of a diva, a bit of a play girl. Jenny is one of those showgirls.

Jenny is still in her teens, 14 to be precise, and was a street walker in Northern Thailand around 2005. She eventually came to elephant camp in 2007 after it was found she was in a trekking camp in Hua Hin, with no food or fodder.

Known for her playful behaviour, she’s always smiling and for being a bit of a handful when it comes to bathing time, she loves being with other elephants epecially her little ‘sister’, Meena. Her mahouts are Kh. Dech and Kh. Lun.

Distinguishing Features

Beautiful markings with her ears edged in spotted pink and her pink forehead. She loves to pose and is always having a good swing of her trunk!

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Every dollar raised goes to the elephants. Your donations are used to feed the elephants a mix of sugarcane, bananas and grass and on special occasions they're given fruit (their favorites are watermelon, apples, pineapple). A portion of your donations are also used to help fund two permanent veterinarians who provide preventative and emergency care for the elephants.

Help is needed to care for them, their mahouts and their families. This includes up to 600lbs of food and 60 gallons of water a day, along with permanent veterinary care which amounts to $1000 a month. Your contribution, however large or small, will be combined with others from people like yourself to sponsor Pumpui and her friends to ensure the well being of each elephant through funding their food, care and veterinary care.

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