Helping elephants one banana at a time
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Adopting Elephants

Adopt an Elephant is set up to help people come together to sponsor an elephant. As of September 2011, there are 3 unsponsored elephants living at The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

These elephants, Pumpui, Ploy and Charlie, who were previously working with autistic children in Thailand, have moved with their human families (mahouts) to GTAEF.

Help is needed to care for them, their mahouts and their families. This includes up to 600lbs of food and 60 gallons of water a day, along with veterinary care which amounts to $1000 a month. Your contribution, however large or small, will be combined with others from people like yourself to firstly sponsor Pumpui, then Ploy and Charlie to ensure the well being of each elephant.

Your sponsorship can be a monthly or a one-time donation. We'll show progress on this page as we move to the sponsor goal for each elephant, beginning with Pumpui. You'll be recognized as we add you to our sponsor page.

On behalf of the elephants and GTAEF, thank you!

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